Kelly Sue DeConnick Talks Image’s Bitch Planet, Pretty Deadly to NBC’s Today

On July 9, an interview with Kelly Sue DeConnick aired on the 3rd Hour of NBC's The Today Show.

During the interview with correspondent Jo Ling Kent — which focused on her career achievements, including playing a key role in the restoration of Marvel Comics’ Captain Marvel and her historic run on DC Entertainment’s Aquaman — DeConnick mentioned two of her best-known titles: Image Comics’ Bitch Planet and Pretty Deadly

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The Pretty Deadly series returns with a new story arc, The Rat, launching in September & generating further buzz surrounding the currently available PRETTY DEADLY VOLUME 1 (9781607069621) and PRETTY DEADLY VOLUME 2 (9781632156945) trade paperbacks. See below for a the full description of Pretty Deadly Volume 3: The Rat:

Grand and majestic storytelling. -Warren Ellis (TREES, INJECTION, Gun Machine, Red) KELLY SUE DeCONNICK (CAPTAIN MARVEL, BITCH PLANET) and EMMA RÍOS (I.D., MIRROR) plunge back into the Eisner-nominated, New York Times best-selling world of PRETTY DEADLY. Diving beneath the sun-soaked strips of 1930s Hollywoodland, where the best and brightest are dimmed and broken, the granddaughter of Sara Fields is found dead. Desperate to solve her murder and versed in the ways of the Immortals, her heartbroken uncle calls on the Reaper of Vengeance to aid him. In his obsession, following this twisted path may lead to his undoing.

Pretty Deadly Volume 3: The Rat will be available everywhere March 24, 2020.

Select praise for Pretty Deadly

"Pretty Deadly going to old Hollywood is the best turn this dark fable has taken yet. One of my favorite comics, aiming right at my jugular. I can't wait for more." —Ed Brubaker 

“With its poetry and violence, there's nothing like this. Cherish it." —Kieron Gillen 

"This weird western saga gleefully, dreamily fuses a Greek chorus, spaghetti westerns, American trickster tales and creepy Japanese shoujo (girls’) manga. At the core of it, however, is a masterpiece of mythopoeism that many literary fantasists struggle to emulate." —N.K. Jemisin, NYT Book Review 

“A ferocious series of powerful characters born of gorgeous art. It is Sergio Leone crossed with Neil Gaiman’s American Gods, a hellish yet alluring mix of epic mythology from the ancient poets, the relentlessly unforgiving fairy tales of the Old World, and the blood-soaked folklore of the Old West.” —Tor.com 

“From the moment you crack open its pages, you're transported into a world as fantastical as any fairy tale and as haunting as any ghost story. Pretty Deadly represents genre-bending to the point of breakage in the best possible way.” —IGN 

“It’s ambitious and challenging...under a facade of violence and sacrifice. Rios’s art is lush and detailed, and is more than capable of keeping up with the far-reaching story.” —Publishers Weekly 

Pretty Deadly, one of the most fascinating comics published today, is a magical realist genre-bender that began as a Sergio Leone-style Western, but has transformed into a grisly World War I story with its second arc.” —The Onion’s AV Club