Origins Game Fair Recap Presented by Game Trade Media

Origins Game Fair Recap by Rick Ankney

One of the events I look forward to every year is attending Origins Game Fair, as a exhibitor it is one of the best opportunities to engage with the fans of the Tabletop Hobby. 

Seeing the smiles from everyone who is enjoying themselves, finding new treasures for their gaming tables back home, and just enjoying the experience of play, that is such a fundamental part of the Origins experience. Being set up to do interviews and broadcast some of our original content from the show floor was also a great time. Seeing some of the great games that were being offered at the show, and some that were being announced for later in the year is always a special treat for me and those that not only watch our programming, but that are in attendance at the show itself. 

Some particularly fun highlights for me were sitting down with Greater Than Games and trying out “Medium”, it was such fun and I quickly realized I cannot read minds. Also getting to paint a bunch of fun new product on “Painting Happy Lil Minis” from Wizkids, CMON, Gale Force Nine, and Renegade Games was also a highlight.  So many experiences, interactions, and adventures were had this year, that I totally feel like I leveled up.

- Rick

Game Trade Media Producer

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