Transparent Creator Jill Soloway Directing Red Sonja Movie

Millennium Films’ Red Sonja will now be directed by Jill Soloway, the Emmy Award-winning creator of the acclaimed Amazon Prime series Transparent.

The project had been in limbo since its original director, Bryan Singer, was dismissed in February.

Soloway has won two Emmys for directing on Transparent, directed the 2013 Sundance feature Afternoon Delight, and was a writer and producer on HBO’s Six Feet Under.

Per The Hollywood Reporter: “A Red Sonja movie has been in the works at Millennium for over a decade, and Soloway’s boarding so fast after the Singer debacle shows the company's dedicated intent to make the film. …

“Hiring Soloway is in some ways a coup for the project, whose character sometimes found herself in the trappings of adolescent fantasy clichés and trapped in the male gaze. Soloway is known for elevating a strong female perspective and for themes of gender and inclusivity.”