DC Announces New "DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High" Graphic Novel

DC has revealed a brand new addition to their DC Zoom young reader imprint. 

Through a The Hollywood Reporter reveal, DC has announced DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High, a graphic novel for young readers based on the Cartoon Network series. 

The graphic novel will the continuity of the animated series and will consist of a creative team of writer Amy Wolfram and artist Yancey Labat. 

Wolfram has a long history with DC properties aimed at younger fans, having been a writer for various Teen Titans comics and TV series. She is currently a writer on the DC Super Hero Girls TV series

“I’m very excited to be working on DC Super Hero Girls,” Wolfram told THR. “Not only do we get to see these iconic superheroes in action as they protect Metropolis, we also get to peek behind the masks and capes to see their secret identities as they deal with an even greater challenge — being a teenager in high school!”

DC Super Hero Girls: At Metropolis High will be available to pre-order at comic shops through the PREVIEWS catalog and is expected to arrive October 9, 2019.