Why Graphic Novels & Comics?

"The presence of comics in a junior high school library resulted in a dramatic 82% increase in library traffic and a 30% increase in circulation of non-comic books."

- Dorrell & Carroll
School Library Journal

Graphic novels & comic books...

Are time-honored American literary art forms that can:

  • Broaden and strengthen library collections.
  • Attract new readers and students of all ages and skill levels.
  • Help educators reach one of the most challenging student demographics: young adult males.

Are especially good for attracting reluctant readers because:

  • They are powerful motivational tools that can capture and maintain the reader's interest.
  • Their illustrations provide contextual clues to the written text, making them ideal for remedial reading programs.
  • They can give reluctant readers the non-threatening practice and experience needed to inspire confidence and progress to more challenging texts.

Can make dynamic and relevant curricular connections to help educators teach:

  • Complex social issues, such as sexual abuse (The Tale of One Bad Rat).
  • Historical and current events (Pulitzer Prize-winner Maus is set during the Holocaust, while Fax from Sarajevo is set against the contemporary Balkan conflict).
  • Folklore and mythology (Fairy Tales of Oscar Wilde).
  • Popular culture (JLA Archives reflects life in the 1940s, as The Complete Color MAD reflects the 1950s).

Diamond can help you take advantage of all these benefits with the widest possible range of titles that will appeal to a broad spectrum of readers, offered at competitive prices and delivered in a timely manner.