Rabbit Publishers Introduces KIDS READ ONE Program
Photo via Rabbit Publishers at Medium

via Medium ▬ Rabbit Publishers has introduced its Kids Read One program to over eighty thousand schools across America. This fall, Rabbit’s book, Wand-Paper-Scissors [Origin] by Mark Andrew Poe, will be available to American schools at a low at-cost price.

Shared reading of a single book is growing in popularity. Shared reading programs vary from school to school. Sometimes a whole grade will read a book together. As well, families are encouraged to read the books with their children. There have been cases where the entire school reads the book. Arkansas Governor, Asa Hutchinson, kicked off a state-wide program in April by live-streaming his reading of the first chapter of Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies. The story involves a brother and sister who have rival lemonade stands.

The important thing seems to be the shared experience of storytelling, as ancient and timeless as the first tales told around the fire. Kids,their families, and teachers come together through the power of a fictional narrative. “Story telling is unique to the human family,” says Mark Andrew Poe, author of Wand-Paper-Scissors [Origin]. “Shared reading programs help children to connect to that family of man.”

Research indicates that when we read aloud to one another, we are not passive watchers (as in movies or television formats) , we are active participants. The text may be unchangeable, but the way we read that text is special onto the one who is reading. A good teacher in the mix can encourage the excitement of storytelling. The ability to discuss the themes of a book to one another in class and at home is invaluable in creating community. “Kids who share the same story in a reading program are more apt to develop pro-social behavior, says Peter Fonagy, Professor of Psychoanalysis of the University of London.“They demonstrate empathetic tendencies.”

“In our view, there’s not a better book out there for middle grade shared reading program than Wand-Paper-Scissors [Origin] ,” says David Kirkpatrick, the former production president of Walt Disney Studios and a co-founder of Rabbit Publishers. The book recently received it’s 360 Accelerated Reader status. “Shared reading is all about community. At it’s core, Wand-Paper-Scissors [Origin] encourages individuality while at the same time honoring the concept that we all need to get along. There are strong social themes developed in the story including bullying aimed at the middle grade culture. Abe Lincoln’s line, embedded in the Wand-Paper-Scissors text, sums its theme up succinctly. ‘The best way to lose an enemy is to make him your friend.’”

Storytelling can be informative, fun, and stimulating. “We are excited for students to explore all the characters inside of Wand-Paper-Scissors,” says Mark Andrew Poe. The story takes place in Sleepy Hollow which is under a spell that makes every day Halloween. The themes of the story focus on how to become a hero in a troubled world. The book and the series are often described as “wholesome”.

“The Harry Moon series artfully weaves complex topics into a wonderfully approachable story that explodes into a bright and completely unique fairy tale adventure,” says Julie Baker Finck, President of the Barbara Bush Houston Literacy Foundation.

For more information about Rabbit Publisher’s Kids Read One Program, please visit the Harry Moon Website. If you are a teacher, librarian, or principal wanting more specific information please fill out the brief contact form and a staff member from Rabbit Publishers will be in touch.