Get Spooky with Harry Moon's Halloween Nightmare!

While other kids are out trick-or-treating, eighth-grade magician Harry Moon is flying on a magic cloak named Impenetrable in Harry Moon Halloween Nightmares (9781943785636). Harry and Rabbit speed past severed hands, boiling cauldrons, and graveyard witching rituals on their way to unravel a decade-old curse at the annual Sleepy Hollow Halloween Bonfire. With “do no evil” his motto, Harry goes to battle with the sinister Mayor Kligore and Oink. Halloween night becomes the fight and nightmare of Harry Moon's young life. 

The Harry Moon series follows the curious protagonist and his best friend, a magical rabbit, as they explore their small town of Sleepy Hollow. Dedicated to his motto "do no evil," Harry is introduced to magic and uses it and his morals to find ways to defeat the evil town mayor, Titus Kilgore.

Recently, the Harry Moon series sparked an initiative contest known as the Good Mischief Contest, hosted by Rabbit Publishers. The contest was started by Harry Moon superfan, Caiden Riecks, and called for fellow magicians to take their good deeds to the streets this season. Finalists were announced earlier this month with contests from around the globe participating in the event, leading to Rabbit announcing Emmy award-winning producer, Dan Redler, optioning the concept to be turned into a television series special. 

Halloween Nightmares (9781943785636) by Mark Andrew Poe will be available in Barnes & Noble Bookstores across America“We are delighted to be working with Barnes & Noble on this special seasonal book. No one understands Halloween better than our twelve-year-old magician, Harry Moon,” said Emily Botica, Director of Publisher Relations & Trade Marketing at Diamond.

“We had a great success with Mark Andrew Poe’s book signing of Wand-Paper-Scissors,” said Teresa Noble, Manager of the Crystal Lake Barnes & Noble, in Crystal Lake, Illinois. “We are thrilled that the newest book in the Harry Moon series, Halloween Nightmares, is now at our stores, and equally thrilled that Mark Andrew Poe will be returning to sign his newest creation for all the Harry Moon fans.”  Ms. Noble said that Mark Andrew Poe will be signing Halloween Nightmares at their store on Saturday, October 28 from 1 pm to 3 pm. There will also be a Halloween party at Crystal Lake with a scavenger hunt and Halloween parade.

“Trick-or-Treat has become a worldwide phenomenon,” said Steve Goerth of Rabbit Publishers, the Chicago-based publishing house that creates and publishes both the Harry Moon and Honey Moon series. Harry Moon is twelve years old, and Honey Moon, his irascible sister, is ten years old. “We are adding to the Trick-or-Treat goody- bag this year, with our own special treat, Halloween Nightmares. We are hoping that moms and grand-moms will treat their child this year not only to candy, but to some real character-building that can be found in the book. It’s funny and, yes, it has some scares,” said Steve Goerth. “Around Rabbit Publishers we like to say that Halloween Nightmares is ‘just scary enough’.”

“I would agree,” said Teresa Noble.  “Halloween Nightmares reminded me of the Nightmare Before Christmas. It is ‘just scary enough’.” This Harry Moon book involves Harry Moon unraveling an old curse that the evil mayor has put over the fictional town of Sleepy Hollow, Massachusetts. For the first time, the magic carpet, the Impenetrable, is introduced into the series.

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